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Our Service

We deliver captivating learning experiences to any size business.

Extensive, practical & cost-effective employee training services.


This service offering is still in the development stages and is expected to be ready sometime in early 2022.

Individual Training

Ideal for a more personal experience, individual training is available in one or multiple 1:1 session with your instructor.

Group Training

Available for groups of 5 or more people, these trainings are perfect for either small departments or small to medium businesses.

Course Library

Access to the entire course library on a learning management system is available at the Gold Tier level. These courses are bundled by topic (e.g., Business, Health & Wellness, etc.) and include real-life examples.

Individual Training Details

  • Can be customized based on each specific client.
  • Individual training sessions are available either weekly or monthly, dependent on client needs.
  • Individual sessions typically are one hour in duration but can be extended if required and for an additional agreed to rate.
  • Ideal for small departments or small to medium businesses.
  • Group training is presently only available online via Skype or Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • In-person group training will resume once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in Toronto, Canada.
  • Video transcripts of the group training sessions are included in the cost.
  • Let us discuss your training requirements, unique challenges or delivery obstacles and Deremiens IT Consulting Inc. will outline possible solutions.

Available ONLY at the Gold Tier of service.

As of November 2021, courses are available in each of the five (5) domains as listed below:

  1. Business,
  2. Health & Wellness,
  3. Personal Growth,
  4. Mindfulness & Stress, and
  5. Project Management (taught by a PMP-certified instructor).

These courses have been created on the Ruzuku Learning Management System (LMS).

Ruzuku is a platform similar to Thinkific, Teachable and Kajabi.

Once clients sign up for the Gold Tier of service, they will be provided with details on how to register on the Ruzuku platform, and credentials (username and password) will be provided to grant you access to the full course library.